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1. Script to store all of your confidential info

I’ve always wanted to store all my confidential information online (including hundreds of passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) I couldn’t find a reliable site to store it, so I copied this DES encryption script, which allows ou to encrypt/decrypt information.

DES script to store all your confidential info

This DES script is written using Javascript. Whatever information you want to store online, you copy it in the message box, and encrypt it to get the encrypted result. You choose your own personal key, and that is used to get the encrypted result. Once you have the encrypted info, store it anywhere you wish online. One of the places you can store it in is your mailbox (in drafts section). That way, even if someone gets hold of this encrypted info en-route, he can’t do anything with it till he gets your key. The key and original info never leaves your browser, if you are using the javascript link above. So, there’s no risk of anyone ever getting your info.

Now, whenever you need to get your original information back, just copy the encrypted message back in the DES box in the link above, and decrypt it to get your original information (using your password). If you need to make any changes to the decrypted info, make the change, “copy result back to message” and then encrypt it once again, with whatever key you decide to choose (stick with the same key, as it doesn’t serve any purpose changing key).

One word of caution: You should use a 24 character key. This not only makes it more secure by employing triple DES, but also is much harder to break by brute force attack. Here’s why. Each character is represented as 1 byte (8 bits). Assuming each character is either a number or capital/small alphabet, there are 26*2+10=62 possibilities. So with 24 characters, you will have 62^(24) = 10^43 possible keys. Computer running at 1 THz clock decoding 1 key every cycle, running for 1 year (=365*24*3600 = 32M seconds) would decode (2^40)*(2^25)=2^65 keys. 1 trillion (10^12) such computers would decode about (2^65)*(10^12) = 2^100 keys. So, it would still take 1 trillion years to crack the correct key by brute force. If we used only a 16 character key, it would take less than a year to crack it. But the risk with any key is that if you ever forget your key, there is no way to recover your original info back (or at least it will take more than 1000 years with the current known solution). So, never forget your key !!

2. Script to calculate interest on bank deposits in India

I’ve always found it difficult to compare interest rates being offered by different banks as well as non banking financial companies (NBFC). So, I wrote this simple script that shows you your expected interest and taxes. So, next time your bank pays you interest on fixed deposits, use this calculator to figure out what your final payment should be. Remember, most of the banks in India pay you interest compounded quarterly, while private companies compound it annually, so use this calculator before you make a decision.

script to calculate interest and taxes on fixed_deposit

3. Script to calculate Federal tax on income in United states of America

This simplistic script calculates federal income taxes owed on your income in United states. This is for simple returns, and it gives you a ballpark of how much to expect in taxes.
2018 and later: script to calculate federal taxes on income in USA

2017 and before: script to calculate federal taxes on income in USA

4. Script to show Rupee to Dollar conversion rate offered by different banks to transfer money to India

There used to be a time, when you could transfer money using SBI remit services and forget about all the other websites out there. But since SBI has suspended this service since 2013, you need to shop for good rates. So, I put this simple script which shows market rate (taken from, and the transfer rate for various companies for each day (taken from Now, most companies offer confirmed rates, which are higher than the indicative rates. so, just go with companies which give the best confirmed rates (with no service fees). All the companies listed below give confirmed exchange rates.
2016 INR USD conversion rates

2015 INR USD conversion rates

2014 INR USD conversion rates

2013 INR USD conversion rates