13+ years of experience working in Mixed Signal ASIC design and x86 Microprocessor design. Involved in everything IC, with design/verification of both analog/digital blocks. Extensive Hardware and Software experience with B. tech and MS degrees in Electrical engineering, Computer Science and Computer Engineering from top universities.


Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN: Master of Science in electrical and Computer Engineering in 2003. Major in Computer Engineering, Minor in VLSI/circuit design.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, India: Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering in 2001. Major in Electrical Engineering, Minor in Computer Science and Engineering.

Research Assistant in ECE & CS for 2 years (Advisors: Dr. T. N. Vijaykumar in ECE and Dr. Tony Hosking in CS), working on “Architectural support for Garbage collection for Object Oriented languages”.

Projects in: Computer Architecture, Compilers, Operating systems, Cryptography, Internetworking, Database Management, Parallel Computer Systems, IC Fabrication, VLSI design.


Worked at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) 2003-2011.

  • Involved in designing digital and analog logic in both custom and synthesized environments for x86 processors from 90nm to 22nm process in both bulk and SOI technology.
  • Involved in Platform level Silicon Debug requiring extensive x86 knowledge at the system level.

Worked at Texas Instruments (TI) 2011-present.

  • Involved in digital and analog design and verification of Mixed Signal ICs is various technology from 350nm to 65nm in bulk technology. ASICs designed for Touchscreen Controller, Printers, PMIC, Battery Management, Disk Drives, Motor Drivers, Smoke detector, Security IC and anything else that makes money
  • Involved in System level debug and silicon validation of these ICs requiring extensive cross disciplinary interaction.

Other Achievements:

  • Awarded NTSE Scholarship by NCERT, Govt. of India for entire study. (750 selected from all of India)
  • Secured 7th rank in Bihar State Maths Olympiad by NBHM, Govt. of India. (500 selected from all of India). Scored 24/100 in National Maths Olympiad (top 30 selection from India at 33/100).
  • Blue Belt II in Taekwondo Martial arts.