about site

Here you will find all the info about this site.

Firstly, this werbsite is built on the open source blogging software, wordpress. It’s by far the best website building software. I’ve customized the look a littlebit by modifying the default template twenty ten that was provided with the wordpress 3.o version.

This website was previuosly hosted on godaddy server, which was live 24/7. I paid about $5/month for having unlimited space on this server. It was not exactly cheap, but the best available value right then. However, since last 2 years, they do not allow existing customers to use any coupons, etc, so their rates are more like $10/month now.

So, I switched and moved to ipage server, for which I’m paying about $2/month. I signed up for 3 year plan for total of $75.  It’s just as good. However, I need to figure out how to get cronjobs setup on ipage, as I’ve a lot of scripts that rely on cronjobs. If you know, how to set it up, let me know.

I guess, I’ll have to move to a different hosting provider at end of 3 years to get a good rate, as no hosting provider gives good rates to existing customers. It’s very easy to move websites from one hosting provider to other, and once you have done it couple of times, you feel pretty comfortable. I’ll provide the steps for “moving your website” when I get some time, however you can always try search engines.