Congratulations !!! You finally found me on a search engine. If you didn’t come to this webpage using a search engine, let me know how you found me.

Welcome to the home page of Kailash Kumar Agrawal. Over here, you will find everything related to me (ofcourse within limits). The picture that you see above is that of Mountain Kailash. It’s in North India, and is considered the home of one of the Hindu gods, Lord Shiva. If you haven’t guessed by now, that’s where my first name comes from. I haven’t been to Mount Kailash, but it’s my intense desire to visit that place atleast once.

I’ll also be putiing lots of cool stuff, as I find more time, so keep on checking this site. Also, I’ll appreciate your comments in the comments section about anything you liked or disliked about this site, or anything in general.

By the way, I’m NOT on facebook, twitter, linkedin or 1000’s of similar junkie websites out there. So, please waste your time looking for me over there since you already proved you have a lot of time to waste, by searching for me 🙂

Thanks again for e-visiting me !!